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The Fault in Our Stars

Having not been a long book, The Fault in Our Stars was an easier read for me. I have heard many people talk about the book so I knew how it was going to end. I thought because I knew the ending the more emotional parts of the book would not get to me. 
I was wrong! When reading about Agustus's death it still got the best of my emotions. I tried to put myself in Hazel's position and just the though of what she felt, made me even more emotional. At the beginning of the book I was not impressed at all, and thought the book was slow and dull. As I reached the end I did not want to put the book down. The ending, even though expected, did live up to its expectations. I do not know though if I would reread this just for the fact it did not leave a happy impression on me. But I think that adds a factor to the book that makes it so great.