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Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska - John Green

I have just began this book recently but I can tell it will be a good read just like everyone has said. In the beginning of the book we meet a Character named Miles who is a Junior in high school and lives in Florida. The scene starts off with Miles and his family having a going away party that none of Mile's classmates show up to. It is more of an eye opener to Mile's parents who think Miles has a lot of friends. But Miles on the other hand expects nobody to show up. The going away party is because Miles is now going to attend a new boarding school called Culver Creek that his father had gone to when he was in school. When Miles gets to his new school his dorm room is very plain and nothing he had expected. His roommate Chip is the complete opposite of Miles, being short and bulky, but is nice to Miles because unlike Chip has never been there before. I can see the relationship between the two growing, and just like Mile's dad, I think the two will create some trouble at the school.