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Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska - John Green

I have just began this book recently but I can tell it will be a good read just like everyone has said. In the beginning of the book we meet a Character named Miles who is a Junior in high school and lives in Florida. The scene starts off with Miles and his family having a going away party that none of Mile's classmates show up to. It is more of an eye opener to Mile's parents who think Miles has a lot of friends. But Miles on the other hand expects nobody to show up. The going away party is because Miles is now going to attend a new boarding school called Culver Creek that his father had gone to when he was in school. When Miles gets to his new school his dorm room is very plain and nothing he had expected. His roommate Chip is the complete opposite of Miles, being short and bulky, but is nice to Miles because unlike Chip has never been there before. I can see the relationship between the two growing, and just like Mile's dad, I think the two will create some trouble at the school.


As I have finished my last book I have had a hard time finding another book to read. If a book does not have a great beginning I get bored with the book and can't seem to finish it. Looking For Alaska is a book that has had great reviews and has been brought to my attention. I have heard it was a great book and I plan on starting it as my next SSR book. It sounds as if Looking For Alaska is very interesting and I won't get bored while reading. I need a book that will keep me wanting to read even though that is not my favorite thing to do. Hopefully this will fulfill the lack of books I have in my life right now. 


The Fault in Our Stars

Having not been a long book, The Fault in Our Stars was an easier read for me. I have heard many people talk about the book so I knew how it was going to end. I thought because I knew the ending the more emotional parts of the book would not get to me. 
I was wrong! When reading about Agustus's death it still got the best of my emotions. I tried to put myself in Hazel's position and just the though of what she felt, made me even more emotional. At the beginning of the book I was not impressed at all, and thought the book was slow and dull. As I reached the end I did not want to put the book down. The ending, even though expected, did live up to its expectations. I do not know though if I would reread this just for the fact it did not leave a happy impression on me. But I think that adds a factor to the book that makes it so great.

The Fault in our Stars was a popular book last year that had everyone talking. I have started reading the book knowing it deals with cancer. Cancer hits really close to home with my family so this book draws my interest. The book starts off talking about Hazel, the main character, who talks about her sheltered life due to her cancer. Not wanting to be independent she does not enjoy going to her support group except for that her blind best friend goes as well. Hazel's mom would really like for her to branch out and talk to other people, and is very excited when she sees her talking to another boy names Agustus who also goes to their support group. 

Message in a Bottle

 Theresa has published the love letter she has found on a beach and canceled out the names with anonymous letters to not invade the privacy of either person in the letters. She has now received many letters from people reading her story about how moved they are but this piece of writing. One phone call, however, stands out. It was from a lady saying she had also found a letter written on the same sailboat paper, written by a man named Garrett. This shocking news makes Theresa realize this man is still out there, and she now would like to meet such a romantic man. This is where her journey begins to find a man with such passion and love inside himself. Her search starts with the only things she has, the two letters that were found at sea.

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle - Nicholas Sparks

This is my favorite Nicolas Sparks book, and I love it so much I am deciding to reread it. The beginning starts out with Theresa, the main character who is a journalist, jogging on the beach. She is thinking about the next column she is going to write when she happens upon a bottle from sea. Inside the bottle is a hand written love letter. She is so moved and touched by this heart filled letter that she was persuaded to put it in her column. She wants to find the man who wrote these letters to see if the words he writes display his actual personality. She later comes to find out that the mystery man has written other letters as well.  

As I have near the end of the book Three Weeks with my Brother I have come to realize the importance of having a good relationship with your siblings. As the novel progresses Sparks continues looking back on events that had happened between he and his brother, which eventually brings them together as they both move on in life. I did enjoy the book, though I did get bored during the parts of the story that were in the present. The book would talk about different parts of the trip that the two brothers were going on together, but I would always look forward to the flashbacks to their childhood. Those stories in the book were entertaining and funny to read. I plan to continue reading another book by Sparks that contains more suspense and encourages me to continue to read. Three Weeks didn't have that edginess to it and was not as much of a page turner as I would have liked. From my standpoint I would not recommend this particular Nicolas Sparks' book to others, but books I have read by him prior to this have been what I think are "must reads".



Three Weeks With My Brother - Nicholas Sparks, Micah Sparks

Both Nicolas Sparks and his brother Micha are now in action on the trip. As they have visited certain sites the group realizes that the two are going to be the "trouble makers" of the group. Both men are very outgoing but Micha has something about him that makes him very curious about everything around him. He does not think much about the history of each site but all of the cool stuff he could do there that is on the verge of being risky. Flashbacks continue to take place in the novel as well. When the Sparks boys were young there parents were divorced for a while and they did not have a father figure for some time. Nicolas and Micha also went their different ways as kids and Nicholas became more of a "loner" and spent many hours by himself reading. Micha on the other hand always was doing childish things with his friends. It is nice to see that the two become closer as they get older like they were when they were very young children.

Book Blog #2

Three Weeks With My Brother - Nicholas Sparks, Micah Sparks

As I continue to read this book the author Nicolas Sparks talks both about his present life and his life as a child. He compares his parenting styles to the ones his parents used as he grew up. He now realizes that the actions his parents took were loving and in his best interest even though at the time it did not seem that way. Sparks now thinks about how his upcoming trip will help him be able to fix all of his insecurities he has about himself. It is also important for him to go through with the trip so he can strengthen the bond with his brother. At a certain time he is hesitant to go on the trip because he will not be able to full fill his duties as a father and husband. He worried his wife would have trouble taking care of their kids for three weeks by herself. After trying to avoid the subject of leaving for the trip, his brother Micha explained the wonderful opportunity that they have been given and that it will only come once in a lifetime. Now after rethinking the trip he is determined to enjoy each experience and find himself throughout the three weeks.

Three Weeks With My Brother - Nicholas Sparks, Micah Sparks

The book so far has talked about how Nicholas Sparks and his brother are going on a three week vacation traveling all around the world. This is a true story about the events that actually had occurred in their lives. I am so far enjoying the book because every event that took place did not come from the imagination of the writer, but actually happened. Sparks says he will write about both ups and downs of the trip and show how this trip impacted his relationship with his brother. Also Sparks does not just write about the events that happened on the trip, but also that happened to the two in the past. These past events may  impact  the Sparks brothers on their current travels, and show some explanations for each mans actions.